This week marked a significant milestone in the construction of Block 9 in downtown Fargo. The first above-grade concrete deck of the tour was poured.

The placement of the first elevated deck is a great achievement for the Block 9 construction team. It signifies the completion of below-ground concrete and is a very visual sign of achievement. The biggest challenge in any project is coming up out of the ground.

On Tuesday, February 12, the team placed and finished 350 yards of 5000 psi concrete, which is supplied by Aggregate Industries in Fargo, North Dakota. In order to place the concrete many heaters and insulated blankets are used to keep the material warm while we experience below freezing temperatures. The first precast panels of the parking ramp have also been set.

According to McGough Construction Superintendent Russell Klein, a typical deck pour is quite the undertaking, consisting of nine cement masons and eight laborers strictly devoted to placing and finishing the concrete.  There are many people assisting concrete operations ensuring that the day is coordinated and goes as planned.

“This is exciting, as a true sense of accomplishment is on display throughout the crews,” says Klein. “It is also great to be able to get into a much more predictable work flow.”

A floor will be poured every three weeks, putting the tower at full height of 232 feet in late summer 2019. Above-ground construction is officially underway!